What is SubKhareedo.com?

SubKhareedo.com deals in items that someone else has owned (and probably loved) before.  The items may have been worn or second-hand (heavy to light) or they may be packed or revamped to make it look loved again.

Do I need to make an account to order something? 

You can order anything by quick guest account or by placing your order through call/whatsapp. Though, by making an account, you can have the benefit of other rewards that we may offer now and then.

How many products can I place in a cart at once?

You can place products as much as you can. In case of any difficulty, refresh the page. This won’t remove the products from cart.

How many days it takes to deliver the product?

It takes 2 to 6 days to deliver the product in standard delivery process.

Where I can inquire or track about the product I ordered?

You will get an instant email and message after confirming your order with an order number. You also get a tracking number from which you can know about the product’s packing and dispatching.

Can I change or cancel an order that I have just confirmed?

Yes, you may change or cancel your order by calling our call center immediately.

How will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered by means of our riders and courier service outside Karachi.

Which brands are available?

SubKhareedo.com has several brands from local to international, from small personal accessories to clothing and shoes.

What if my item arrives damaged or flawed?

If any item(s) are delivered broken and damaged, please call us with your evidence of purchasing as well as photos of the damage to method of an exchange or refund. The product must be in original packing. It is to remind that delivery charges are non-refundable and fixed.

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